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Stainless Steel Autoclaves

Our Stainless Steel Autoclaves are fabricated using high quality materials and as per the medical parameters. These Stainless Steel Autoclaves have become the demand of hospitals for sterilizing different medical instruments and glassware. Our Stainless Steel Autoclaves ensure complete sterilization of medical instruments.


Hospital Shadowless Light

We are engaged in designing different types of Hospital Shadowless Lights. Our Hospital Shadowless Lights are designed using advanced technology and have many advanced features. These Hospital Shadowless Lights ensure clear diagnosis and surgery by doctors without any hindrance of shadows.


Anesthesia Equipment

We are a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Anesthesia Equipment including Laryngoscope, Oral Airway and Portex Endotracheal Tube.

  • Laryngoscope
    Laryngoscope is a precision designed endoscope that can be safely inserted into larynx for getting interior view. Laryngoscope offers clear and great examination of throat, voice box (larynx), and vocal cords. We offer Laryngoscope in different
  • Oral Airway
    We take great pride in introducing the precision designed Oral Airway. Oral Airway that we offer is made using non-toxic polyethylene with color-coded bite block. Oral Airway is disposable. Further, Oral Airway has smooth finish and rounded edges
  • Portex Endotracheal Tube
    Portex Endotracheal Tube has smooth and flexible body that safely inserts into the mouth (orotracheal) or nose (nasotracheal). Portex Endotracheal Tube has blue radio-opaque line and Low pressure high volume cuff. Our valued clients can avail Portex

Blood Bank Equipment

We bring forth highly efficient Blood Bank Equipment such as Blood Bag Stripper, Blood Bag Tube Sealer, Blood Bank Refrigerator and Blood Donor Couch.

  • Blood Bag Stripper
    Blood Bag Stripper is made using premium grade stainless steel metal and have chrome plating which resist rust. Blood Bag Stripper is provided with Teflon rod for smoother operation. Blood Bag Stripper is easy to use and ensures anti coagulation of
  • Blood Bag Tube Sealer
    Blood Bag Tube Sealer is used to seal the tube of blood bag containing blood without causing hemolysis, leakage of blood. The Blood Bag Tube Sealer provided by us, is a compact equipment to seal the blood bag pilot tube by radio frequency sealing
  • Blood Bank Refrigerator
    Blood Bank Refrigerator is specially designed and developed as per the space and storage requirements combined with superior refrigeration technology. Blood Bank Refrigerator is configured with precise temperature control system, which ensures
  • Blood Donor Couch
    Blood Donor Couch is precisely designed while keeping in mind convenience and comfort of blood donor. Blood Donor Couch has well-cushioned adjustable seat, head, & arm rest. Blood Donor Couch is provided with electro-mechanical control of movements

Microbiology Equipment

We bring forth efficient Microbiology Equipment for our valued clients. At our end, Microbiology Equipment is precisely developed for usages in the biology and chemical laboratories.

  • Calorimeter
    Our technologically advanced Calorimeter gives accurate measurement of heat evolved in chemical reactions or physical changes as well as heat capacity. Calorimeter is configured with automatic water handling system includes tempering, filling and
  • Hot Air Sterilizer
    Hot Air Sterilizer is highly appreciated among clients for its double walled arrangement and remarkable performance. Hot Air Sterilizer is fitted with âLâ shape thermometer and the inner chamber is made of aluminum/polished stainless that
  • Rectangular Water Bath
    Rectangular Water Bath is useful for boiling in pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and medical laboratories. Rectangular Water Bath is made up of long lasting single walled kettle element. Made of thick gauge stainless steel, the lid is having 6

Ophthalmic Equipment

We bring forth an assortment of Ophthalmic Equipment consisting Bronchoscope, ENT Endoscope, ENT Kit, ENT Microscope and Ophthalmic Operating Table.

  • Bronchoscope
    Bronchoscope is a thin, flexible tube, which can be easily inserted into your nose or mouth to detect tumor, signs of infection, excess mucus in the airways and any kind of blockage. Bronchoscope is made using premium quality material in line with
  • ENT Endoscope
    ENT Endoscope has small diameter for effective diagnostics and patient comfort. ENT Endoscope is made using high-grade material and conforms to the defined quality parameters. Our valued client can avail ENT Endoscope in different specification.
  • ENT Kit
    Committed to quality, we bring forth ENT Kit that assembles the best ENT equipment. ENT Kit is designed for ENT practitioners. All the elements of ENT Kit are of premium quality and conform to the defined quality parameters. Our esteemed clients can
  • ENT Microscope
    ENT Microscope is a precision designed surgical microscope. ENT Microscope has improved optical quality combined with maneuverability that allow surgeon to see precise details. ENT Microscope is available with improved illumination that provides
  • Ophthalmic Operating Table
    We have designed Ophthalmic Operating Table while keeping in mind safety, comfort, and convenience of both surgeon and patient. Ophthalmic Operating Table is provided with adjustable arm and head rest. Our esteemed clients can avail Ophthalmic

Pathology Equipment

Being a quality oriented organization; we are committed to provide Pathology Equipment of best quality. Under the range of Pathology Equipment, we offer precisely engineered Digital Ph Meter and Hot Plates.

  • Digital Ph Meter
    Digital Ph Meter is an improved digital device for measuring the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of a liquid. Digital Ph Meter uses special probes to measure the pH of semi-solid substances and liquid. We have made Digital Ph Meter available at
  • Hot Plates
    Hot Plates are one of the indispensable components in chemical, biological, and pharmaceutical laboratories. Hot Plates that we offer are configured with advanced technology that precisely heats glassware and or its contents (chemicals). Hot Plates

Pharmacology Equipment

Our organization is greatly appreciated for offering a wide collection of efficient Pharmacology Equipment such as Digital Actophotometer, Digital Spectrophotometer, Digital Stop Watch, Digital Student Kymograph, Overhead Projector and Vortex Mixer.

  • Digital Actophotometer
    Digital Actophotometer consists of six built in photo sensors and 4 digit digital counters to indicate the locomotor activity. Digital Actophotometer measures the spontaneous and indicated activity with digital totalizer.
  • Digital Spectrophotometer
    We are instrumental in offering our customers with Digital Spectrophotometer that is available in different specification at economical prices. Digital Spectrophotometer is designed and developed by incorporating advanced technology keeping in mind
  • Digital Student Kymograph
    Digital Student Kymograph is provided with 6" dia main cylinder and stainless steel spindle that are standardized to make the same universal and interchangeable. Double electric contact arms are clamped on the main spindle and a stout double-contact
  • Overhead Projector
    We bring forth Overhead Projector for our valued clients. Overhead Projector that we offer is operates on 220-240 volts 50 Hz/5amp/3pin plug and provided with bright 600/250 watts halogen lamp with RSC base. The provided cabinets have dimensions
  • Vortex Mixer
    We are engaged in the manufacturing and supplying superior quality Vortex Mixture. Vortex Mixture is widely used in laboratories for mixing small quantity of liquid in vials. The Vortex Mixture is fitted with a powerful electric motor with a

Other Products

  • Oxygen Concentrator
    Oxygen Concentrator designed and fabricated by us offers very high accuracy. These Oxygen Concentrators have many advanced features which make the process of oxygen concentration accurate and less energy consuming. Our Oxygen Concentrator is mains
  • Baby Warmer
    our baby warmer is highly effective in offering warmth to the body of infants and neonates after initial bath. with the use of the warmer photography technology, the user gets the desired heating from our baby warmer. our baby warmer is accurately
  • Automatic Defibrillator
    automatic defibrillator offered by us offers advanced monitoring facility. These automatic defibrillators are designed in adherence to medical parameter, and ensure accurate ecg monitoring facility. Our automatic defibrillator also has optional
  • Aerosol Fumigator
    We are offering aerosol fumigator. Our aerosol fumigator has become an indispensable need of hospitals for decontamination of hospital premises. To ensure hygiene and a healthy environment in the hospitals, our aerosol fumigators are widely
  • Suction Machine
    suction machine manufactured by us is demanded in laboratories and medical field for creating an atmosphere of vacuum. These suction machines are capable of obstruction-free running for hours. Use of high quality stainless steel in the manufacturing
  • Phototherapy Machine
    Phototherapy Machine is used in the treatment of various diseases like acne. Our Phototherapy Machine has become the demand of the medical world for the exchange and transfusion of blood and observing the body of the infants. Photography Machine
  • Mammography Machine
    Our Mammography Machine is in demand for early detection of breast cancer. Mammography Machine designed by us has many advantageous features to make the examination of the symptoms of breast cancer easy and accurate. These Mammography Machines are
  • Ecg Machine
    ECG Machine designed by us is widely demanded for accurate detection of various heart problems. Our ECG Machine is developed using advanced technology and has all the features to ensure accurate detection of heart diseases. Our ECG Machines are
  • Pulse Oximeter
    Pulse Oximeter designed by us is widely demanded for getting accurate pulse results. Our Pulse Oximeter is designed with the use of the latest technology and have digital display feature. These Pulse Oximeters offer easy to read display of the pulse
  • Multipara Monitor
    We are offering multipara monitor.our multipara monitor is strictly designed as per the medical parameter. These multipara monitors offer high resolution picture and are suitable for clear monitoring. These multipara monitors are easily up gradable
  • Nibp Monitor
    We are offering nibp monitor designed by us is widely demanded for offering clear display. Our nibp monitor is designed as per the medical parameters these nibp monitors are backed by rechargeable battery which ensures continuous supply. Our nibp
  • Anesthesia Machine
    Anesthesia Machine designed by us is has become the need of hospitals for giving anesthesia to the patients before operating them. Our Anesthesia Machine has become a very important element of the operation theatre, to ensure painless surgery of the
  • Surgical Drums
    We are a proud Manufacturer of Surgical Drums. Our Surgical Drums are widely demanded in the medical field. These Surgical Drums are designed as per the guidelines set by the medical field. Our Surgical Drum is of great help in the surgery process.

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